Beta Bio Technology Ltd. was established in October 4, 2013 in Częstochowa. The main activity of the company is to conduct research and development in the field of obtaining beta-glucan from oats and positioning it in products intended for the food market, dietary supplements, functional and medical food.

In May 2014, the Company engaged Prof. Joanna Harasym to carry out a research on the work entitled The method of isolation of beta-glucan from cereals. At the same time, the owners of the Company started working in order to launch the technological process in their own laboratory.

As a result of the conducted research work, an innovative technical and technological solution was created, whose creator is Mrs. Joanna Harasym. Beta Bio Technology, in order to protect the legal results of research and development works, filed a patent application with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (entitled The method of extracting beta-glucan from cereals – No. P.409942). The developed and patented method of extracting beta-glucan from cereals is a process innovation, which translates into the use of beta-glucan (1-3,1-4) with purity up to 95% as a result of its use.

The subject of the Company’s activity in the scope of implementing the results of R & D works for the production of beta-glucan is included in KIS 6, sub-item 1 “Dietetic and medicinal products and additives for food of vegetable, animal, microbiological origin”. At the same time, highly purified beta-glucan extracted from oats with dietary and medicinal properties is in accordance with KIS 5, point II, subheading 2 “Production of food for special nutritional purposes and other products with designed nutritional and health traits”.

Beta Bio Technology Sp. z o.o is a special purpose vehicle set up to commercialize the enterprise named “Method for the isolation of beta-glucan from cereals”.

1-3, 1-4 β-D-glucan, non-coarse polysaccharide, oat grain extract. The product obtained from Avena sativa L. oat seeds or its parts (bran, oat fiber) according to the patented method. The highly purified product contains its composition to 95% oat beta-glucan. Impurities (in particular starchy, protein or cellulose) are at the level of max. up to 10%. A characteristic feature resulting from its purity is total solubility, odorlessness, colorlessness and lack of taste. The distinguishing features of the highly purified beta-glucan are the rheological properties of the gel solution and gel, the ability to bind water, stabilize emulsion and thickening and improve the texture, as well as the enhanced health effect.