Within the framework of the POIR competition, Priority axis 2 Support for the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R & D & I activities Measure 2.4. Cooperation under the national innovation system Sub-measure 2.4.1. Analysis and pilot center of new inno_LAB instruments Grants for the development, promotion or internationalization of Polish Future Products. she received a project grant.

Bio Beta Technology project “Highly purified gelling 1-3,1-4 beta-glucan derived from oats, obtained in the process of biorefining enabling the acquisition of products with high added value”, submitted to the 20th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition received a distinction in the category “Product of the Future” Businesses “.

Total value of the grant project PLN 36 162, European Fund contribution PLN 24 990.00.

Project goal:

  • Developing strategies and implementing communication activities and promoting Beta Bio Technology beta-glucan among international partners including US investors.
  • Preparation of a website promoting the highly purified beta-glucan awarded in the Polish Product of the Future competition.

The effect of the project will be to undertake communication activities in accordance with the developed strategy and to promote among international companies the highly purified beta-glucan distinguished in the Polish Product of the Future competition.

Presentation of the award during the Laureates’ Gala of the 20th edition of the Polish Product of the Future competition


Under Sub-measure 3.3.3: SME support in the promotion of product brands – GO TO BRAND POIR co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the company received support for the project: “Internationalization of Innovative Food Product – Highly purified oat beta-glucan”.